We don’t accept movies sent to our email parallel to your FilmFreeway submission or different copies. Make sure all your info and official screening copy is uploaded and OPEN for download and all photos, stills, descriptions, bios are uploaded at your submission page. This is the only place we take our information, not separate emails as it is impossible to track extra material in double from each submitter between FilmFreeway and our email.
Thank you for understanding!

Τιμώμενη χώρα του Φεστιβάλ 2020 η Γερμανία.
Honored Country of the 2020 edition Germany.
+Best German Short Film.

The ‘’Artfools international Film Festival’’ takes place every year, during the first 10 days of February or March, in the city of Larissa, Greece, held by ‘’Artfools ‘’civil non-profit organization for Arts and Culture, Larissa, Greece. In its official competitive section, the Festival features short length films of digital nature along with a non-competitive section of Retrospectives and Tributes to important leading international filmmakers, film masterclasses, cinema seminars, photography exhibitions and book presentations.

-Short length films, running time: a total of 20 minutes

1st,2nd,3rd Best International short film

1st,2nd,3rd Best Greek short film

1st Best Animation

Important notice.
All movie submissions must include

-Film stills
-Director’s photo
-SRT timecoded dialogue file (films that don’t include srt dialogue file until 15 October will be automatically NOT SELECTED)
-Film synopsis
-Short director’s bio
-Greek movies must also be subtitled in English.

Important notice 2.
PLEASE make your movies available for download.

All movie submissions MUST be available for download at least in the next 20 days (2 weeks) AFTER notification date. (20th November).

Withdrawing an already submitted short film to ’Artfools international Film Festival’ is non-applicable, for any reason.

Material sent to the Festival cannot be returned.

The Festival holds the right to screen the films in non-profit events outside the Festival as part of the Festival promoting and development strategy, with the Festival’s obligation to inform the film directors’ of the time and the place of such screening.

Selection Criteria:
The selection of the short films that are to be finally screened as well as the screening line are to be decided by the Festival’s Official Organizational Committee with the films’ duration and feature categorization being the criteria. The Festival’s Official Organizational Committee is also responsible for the schedule which will be featured proptly to the Official Film Festival website: www.artfoolsvideofestival.gr

Completing the submission form automatically means that the individual fully approves the Terms and Conditions of the Festival.

Special Awards, determined each year according to the Festival’s Official Film Selection Committee

All image and audio filming and reproducing is forbidden without the written permission of the Organizational body.

All participants agree in delivering interviews and photo material to the Festival’s Advertising Sponsors

The Organizational Body (Artfools) retains the right of cancelling the Festival for Reasons specified by Itself.

All participants to Artfools International Film Festival must comply to the Festivals Terms And Conditions.